What does JasCutesy mean?

JasCutesy derives from my name Jasmine and cutesy. It was created since the start of my interest in knitting and crocheting, especially making cute amigurumis. It was a platform for me to share my craft projects. Over the years, I have started doing piano covers so JasCutesy is not all about cutesy anymore. The blog has always been a comfort zone for me and so are the covers now.

Music Related

How did you learn to arrange song?

Back in the day, I was the one who frequently browsed for sheets on the internet. It was really depressing because some of the songs that I like do not have a music sheet or the piano arrangement was not fully to my liking. Hence, I thought why don’t I just try doing the transcription myself? My first cover gathered views quite quickly, which gave me the courage to share more of my works. I am completely self-taught in terms of transcribing and arranging. I learned mostly from YouTube pianists and tutorials to understand how others make arrangements and get new ideas.

How can I support you?

The current best way to support me is to stream my covers on Spotify and YouTube. Alternatively, you can give a little token of encouragement by donating via Paypal. Thank you for listening!

What payment methods are accepted?

Paypal or credit card are accepted. China users please contact via Wechat @lim_jiamin for purchase. Malaysia users are welcomed to message me via Facebook or Instagram to make purchase using Touch-n-go e-wallet.

Do you take song requests?

I have played the piano for years but I do not major in music so I actually do not feel confident enough to the point of accepting request. You can always make suggestions although I may not have the time to make them. I find myself not satisfied with the work if I am not familiar enough with the piece. I believe both affection and time are required for me to do a cover in order to show enough respect the original song deserves. I hope you understand.

Can I use your covers?

I get asked for permission to use my covers as background music or instrumentals for various purposes. Feel free to use and share my music as long as the source is credited. Since I am only doing covers, keep in mind that copyright belongs to the original artist.

Craft Related

Do you sell your craft creations? 

Thank you for your interest but no, I currently do not sell any of my work as I am unable to devote as much time into my craft projects.

Can I sell the products that I make using your patterns?

Yes, you may sell your finished products using my patterns. I ask that you kindly credit the design to me, Jasmine Lim of “JasCutesy”, and provide a link to www.jascutesy.com. Please do not use my photos when selling your work as this can be misleading for your potential customers. Do not sell or distribute my patterns in any manner, but feel free to link to my patterns. Thank you for being respectful!

Do you take pattern or commission requests?

I am a self-taught artist so I actually do not feel confident enough to the point of accepting commission. You can always make suggestions although I may not have the time to make them.

Can I translate your pattern into my own language and repost it?

I allow translations of my patterns to be shared on other platforms. Please kindly credit the original pattern to me, Jasmine Lim of “JasCutesy”, and provide a link to www.jascutesy.com. I love seeing creations from all around the world!